2009 was a horrible year for David Wright. New surroundings, and no protection apparently caused to swing at pitches he never would have swung. Some think that Frenchy had something to do with this, others, just David’s mental approach was flawed.

In years past, David was about the best two strike hitter in the league. As a matter of fact, I used to love to see David work the count to 0-2, because then he amped up his game. Last season, when ever David got the count to 0-2, it was an almost automatic strike out.

Everyone agrees that David needs to step up to the plate, pun well intended, and become the hitter he used to be. Hopefully, he spent the winter studying tapes of his 2006-2008 seasons. This way he may return to the stance and position in the batters box that led him to almost MVP form.

What has gone on with him? Even his fielding took a dive. All of his ole’s at balls to his right have cost a few runs, and when he starts to think about his throws, Ike better watch out, because there is going to be one that bounces right to his throat.

Please wake up David. Please do not think so hard. Practice makes permanent, I hope you return to the perfect practice that you had in years past.

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