Was away for a few days, and the Mets played like they had some fire in their belly. Too bad it is too late for it to make a difference.

Very interesting article about Ike Davis’ family history. I can not imagine the horror that was experienced during that period, nor can I imagine how someone could even begin to think that this was the answer to the world’s problem.

Nice article by Jason Fry on Carlos Beltran. Reminds me of my time in Navy Band Orlando. There was trumpet player who played very cleanly. Everything he did was precise and tasteful. He never stood out, he blended well with everyone in the band. When he would play a high note, it was always in tune, he never had to slide up to the correct pitch. When he released a note, he always tapered the airstream to ensure that the note ended cleanly and in tune. There was another trumpet player who always stood out, he played his high notes very loud, and slid up to them from at least two notes below. When he released a note, he yanked the horn away from his mouth with dramatic flare. Imagine two cars being parked, one is controlled and slides into the spot perfectly balanced between the lines, the other, turns into the spot uncontrolled, and uses the wall of the parking garage to stop it’s forward momentum, then ends up so close to the next one, that it’s driver can not can even squeeze and open their door. The bandmaster featured the second player in every concert. Flash sells, precision doesn’t. Beltran plays the game with smoothness and class. ┬áHe simply came back too early from the surgery. To trade him now would be a big mistake.

Looking forward to next weeks press conference. I think Mets management doesn’t want to “fire” Jerry. They will try to make it their decision to not renew a contract, not let someone go because of incompetence.

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