One can only imagine what it feels like to live out a fantasy. Jordany Valdespin certainly lived out one last night. His first major league hit was a pinch hit three run shot that put the Mets ahead for good.

The Phillies had many chances, but never were able to pull the trigger on the win. The fling Hawaiian went way out of the base path to try to break up a double play, and was called for interference.

Ty Wiggington made a clean slide into home, but banged heads with Josh Thole, who was down for the count. You could see his eyes spinning has he walked off the field.

Glad Terry let Jonathan work himself out of trouble. He hasn’t looked that comfortable in his last two starts.

Tonight is a bit scary with Batista getting the start.

But still good.

Any aspiring horror story writer can collect a years worth of material by checking out just about any Mets game from the seventh inning on.

Good thing the starting pitching is keeping the team in the race. Even though, it is still pretty early in the  season, this week could make or break the Mets season. If they lose four or five games out of the Phillies and Marlins season, it could bury them. If they win four or five games, they will have a nice leg up on the season.

You need to be drunk to tolerate the Mets fifth starter woes. Career minor leaguers getting their shirt stuck on a nail while they have their foot stuck in the door to the big leagues.

I happen to think that the first four starters can hold their own. The Mets have a few chips to play, maybe Turner or Torres for a pitcher.

Lets hope that the Mets, four error, eleven run inning does not stick with them. In the past, when they have had a failure of some sort, they carry it into the next few games, and it becomes a permanent aspect of their game. Terry needs to stop this from happening.

The Mets sent out nine homegrown players yesterday, and beat a team that did nothing but spend all winter long.

I have a question for Bill Madden, did you read your article, or at least understand what you where writing about? The whole focus of your article was that the Mets and scouts should be happy that a team sent out an all homegrown line up.  With that point clearly established, how could you call Justin Turner a journeyman infielder.

Mike Pelfrey would have no luck at all. Pelfrey finally started to pitch the way everyone hoped he would, and boom, Tommy John surgery.

Hope he is able to come back next year.

Dickey looked great last night

Ike looked like he was out already before he even took a swing, doesn’t anyone see that all of his head is leaning backwards before he swings?

Wright looked like the team leader that he is..

Jose looked like he knows he made a six year mistake….

There was one very important highlight that the Mets did not show last night….Jose’s last at bat as a Met.

Doesn’t anyone see that DWright has been swinging a bad bat since he broke his finger? DL him, before he totally screws up his swing, yet another time.

Going to try to make it to Citi Field tonight for my last visit this season.

The Mets could not follow the script last night. The opportunity for heroics was missed at every turn. In the end, all that was left was a sad reminder that the Mets simply can not close a game.

For a team that plays in a park built for pitching and defense, they better get some pitchers, and stop playing hitters with no gloves in the field, otherwise it is going to become a very empty field over the next few years.

Mets are playing like crap again.

Not much else I can say.